Creating Better Spaces with Rolascreen Hospital Screens

Made in the USA

What We Do 

Rolascreen creates innovative hospital screens that can be used as privacy screens, hospital room dividers, room separators, sneeze guards, retractable patient screens, security wall partitions and much more. 

These retractable medical privacy screens come in portable and wall-mounted versions. They can be customized to suit any room or space. 

As an American manufacturer and distributor of hospital screens, we believe that we owe US facilities preferential treatment. All Rolascreens are made in the USA.

Versatile and Easy To Use

Rolascreen hospital privacy screens and room dividers are portable, retractable, flexible, and easy to clean.

Two Standard Options

Portable and wall mounted hospital screens are available for various privacy and security partition needs.


Customization options include the screen color, height, imagery, and branding of the inner panel.

Infection Prevention

All patient privacy screens, medical room dividers, and sneeze guards meet infection control standards.

New Products

Coming soon! The new Wall Mounted Rolascreen “Lite”

Fighting Coronavirus with Rolascreen Hospital Screens

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect us all. Secure hospital partitions, safety screens, and medical room dividers are necessary for our protection. Hospitals and government health departments use Rolascreens to rapidly create new spaces. In fact, many hospitals are converting from hospital curtains to our screens. We handle turnkey projects.

Reliable privacy screens provide many benefits. They prevent surges, control infection, ensure patient privacy, and improve space management. Retractable and flexible screens also provide physical barriers between staff and patients, and simplify infection control. 

We are committed to providing the best portable healthcare screens and patient room partitions. From 2020 onwards, we continued to produce screens assisting US healthcare facilities. We offer speed of delivery and great customer service. We reacted to urgent demands and supplied well over 2,000 screens to our customers.

We have ramped up our production to meet the increased demand for medical hospital screens and patient room dividers during this pandemic. We are ready to aid you and your healthcare facility in the fight to help, heal, and protect people from Coronavirus. 

Portable Rolascreen - Elite

Create new spaces and easily divide rooms with the Portable Elite Rolascreen.  These innovative portable hospital privacy screens solve many of the privacy, safety, and security challenges that businesses face today with space management.

Optimize your space and reduce cleaning costs with our portable, flexible, and retractable privacy screens. Customize these portable screens by adding your brand or selecting an image from the sample art gallery. 

Wall Mounted Rolascreen - Elite

Wall Mounted Elite Rolascreens are extremely convenient for managing spaces within your facility. Enjoy the privacy and security of a retractable wall mounted screen.

These high-quality retractable wall mounted screens are unparalleled in quality and easy to use. Customize these screens by adding your brand or selecting an image from our sample art gallery.

Rolascreen – Guard

Rolascreen Guards are a special screen that provides safety in the COVID pandemic era. Guards, also called sneeze guards, promote and allow proper social distancing. They are perfect for use in office waiting areas, office spaces, medical facilities, hospitals, and more.

Guards are available in single pane or dual pane and in both freestanding and wall mounted models.

Single Pane Rolascreen Guard

  • Height: 56”
  • Foot Print: 24” x 24”
  • Weight: Approximately 19 lbs

Dual Pane Rolascreen Guard

  • Height: 56”
  • Foot Print: 24” x 24”
  • Weight: Approximately 23 lbs
Customizable Elite Rolascreens

Customize the Portable Elite or Wall Mounted Elite Rolascreens. Add your brand, logos, images, select colors, and specify the height of the frame. We also have an art gallery of images to choose from. Create unique hospital screen designs to improve branding and marketing.

Coming Soon - The Lite

Check back for our new Wall-mounted product “The Lite” coming this year.

Kwickscreen USA is now Rolascreen
Old News

Kwickscreen USA was rebranded in 2019 and became ROLASCREEN. We transitioned from being a distributor of foreign made replacements for hospital privacy curtains to A USA based manufacturer and supplier of retractable and portable hospital screens security partitions and room dividers. To reflect this transition we rebranded ourselves as Rolascreen offering:

  • Exceptional high-quality privacy and security products made in Los Angeles, California with USA materials and labor
  • Excellent customer service
  • Full warranty
  • Sales, service, and maintenance support
  • There are 2 Companies worldwide that make a Retractable privacy screen.
  • Rolascreen is the only Company that makes these hospital screens in the USA. Its therefore the screen of choice for those Healthcare organizations wishing to buy American.

Rolascreen has become the preferred choice for safety, privacy, and security hospital partitions, corporations, federal and state government institutions, and businesses in North America.

Companies and Organizations that Prefer Rolascreen Products

Tell us which state you come from and we will give you a list of facilities to contact who have already experienced this unique product with unparalleled customer service.