Revolutionizing Privacy and Space Management in Healthcare With Medical Privacy Screens

The unique features of Rolascreen hospital room dividers and medical privacy screens offer numerous benefits to hospitals and medical clinics. These include: 

  • Improved patient privacy, security, and sanitation 
  • Replace dirty and difficult to clean curtains with sanitary medical privacy screens
  • Easy to clean – simply wipe them down with standard hospital wipes and disinfectants
  • Helps with infection control management
  • Increased patient scores in hospitals
  • Save time, money, and space
  • Customize medical privacy screen panels to share important information, display unique images, or promote your brand

Instantly create new spaces with the Portable Elite, Wall Mounted Elite, or the Rolascreen Guard. All Rolascreen medical room dividers can be customized with images from our sample art gallery.

Rolascreen Privacy Screen Uses in Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Emergency rooms use Rolascreen privacy medical room dividers to provide patient privacy during overflow, periods of surge, flu season, disaster relief, or for emergency preparedness. Rolascreens can be used to easily set up instant triage areas and control patient traffic. Hundreds of hospitals are using these privacy screens in their medical emergency and trauma areas to provide privacy for patients in hallways.

Pediatric departments use Rolascreens because of the uniquely customizable panels that surround patients with fun and colorful images. This helps children to be less scared of the cold and impersonal atmosphere that is typical of an adult’s hospital room. NICUs value the Rolascreens ability to allow families to bond with newborns without disturbance from staff or other families.

Infusion and Dialysis departments and clinics are using evidence-based art on Rolascreen panels to sooth patients going through chemotherapy, pain management programs, or dialysis.

The Rolascreen medical privacy screen bends perfectly around patients in recliners, so there is no need for empty chairs. Also, “line of sight” can be maintained with Rolascreens that are partially transparent. Hospital privacy screens allow hospitals to increase income by having all recliners in use for their patients.

Facilities and corporate management use these portable and wall mounted screens to create new income-producing areas instantly. Expand a 1-bed unit into a 2 – 4-bed unit while avoiding the additional construction costs and down-time normally experienced during a renovation.

Some clients use Rolascreens to block their construction projects. The inner panels are printed with signs to keep out, detour directions, or artist’s renditions of the area being built behind the screen.

Explore the different Rolascreen products and let us help you determine the best solution for your facility.