Sample Art Gallery

Rolascreen has its own Art Library . When choosing the option of a Printed Elite, the cost of 99% of the Images in the Library are inclusive within quoted pricing. Choose from over 500 Image or ask one of our expert consultants about the most popular choices, some examples of our images can be found by clicking here. Also ask about choices for the Guard.

Branding customization

Add Your Brand

Rolascreens are very customizable. Everything from the color or height of the frame – to the imagery and branding of the inner panel – can be customized with our standard or custom options. Rolascreens have many customization options.

The most popular options in customizing a Rolascreen are our custom printed inner panels. Not only can any image, logo, or brand be printed onto your Rolascreen’s inner panel, we also have an extensive premium art library of images for you to choose from.


Learn about our incredible Rolascreens and how they are being used today.  These testimonials are stories from real customers in hospitals, security institutions, health systems, clinics, and other offices requiring privacy screens, guards and room dividers.

See for yourself the benefits of Rolascreens and discover how they can help meet your business needs.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about all of the Rolascreen products. We offer Elite Portable, Elite Wall Mounted, Elite Customizable, and the new Rolascreen Guard.