Since 2012, we have provided innovative screens that improve privacy, security, and safety in many spaces and applications. Rolascreens are found in 47 states throughout the United States and in Canada. Our portable privacy screens and retractable room dividers are being used in industries as diverse as healthcare, immersive simulation, education, corporate use, lactation accommodation, government, and airport security.

Rolascreens are an ingenious way of managing space. Simply put, they can be used as general-purpose privacy screens, partitions, space separators, portable medical privacy screens, retractable privacy screens, and room dividers.

Rolascreens are portable, printable, flexible and retractable. These unique screens can bend at any point along their width, making them more portable than any other privacy screen on the market. Similar technology has been utilized by the likes of NASA and manufacturers of orbital satellites. They are the only privacy screens of their kind manufactured in the USA. 

Rolascreens are available in Wall Mounted Elite, Portable Elite, and the Guard and can be customized with any color, print, design or finish. Screens can be opaque, translucent, transparent or a combination thereof. You can also add your brand logo or important image to Elite screen models. 

The Rolascreen is the ultimate tool for flexible space management. Explore below some of the various ways in which Rolascreens are being used today in different applications. 




Corporate Use

Lactation Accommodation