What We Do


Rolascreen manufactures and distributes innovative portable screens, wall mounted screens, and guards. All of our screens and guards are proudly made in America. We make privacy screens and room dividers for space division, health, and safety.

Creating Better Spaces

We value the long-term relationships we have created with clients. We are proud to have placed privacy screens and room dividers in over 900 hospitals, clinics, and schools in 47 states. We offer unparalleled customer service across the United States and Canada.


Rolascreen use on government facilities
Rolscreen with Sunflowers image

Portable and Wall Mounted Rolascreen Features


  • Reduce hospital acquired infections
  • Safely divide common areas to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other infections
  • Aid in maintaining social distancing when needed
  • Provide the ability to reconfigure spaces quickly and efficiently
  • Can be customized to create better looking areas using art and or branding
  • Are easy to use, clean, install, and maintain

Retractable privacy screens help divide any room or area in your facility. These unique screens provide the privacy and security that your facility needs to create better spaces.

Our History

Our story began in 2012 as Kwickscreen USA. We were a distributor of foreign made hospital privacy screens as replacements for hospital curtains. We saw firsthand how foreign retractable screens were made. As an American company, we gained an understanding of what good customer service really means. So, we knew that launching Rolascreen would provide major benefits to the American Healthcare market and ultimately to other facilities. 

By 2017, we realized that the healthcare market was changing. The products provided by foreign manufacturers needed to evolve. There were new regulations and requirements in the healthcare markets and other industries we served. Our client’s needs could no longer be met using lesser quality foreign made privacy screens and room dividers. So, we took it upon ourselves to first improve and then update new products. Our products now meet the growing and evolving needs of our clients.

In 2019, we rebranded ourselves as Rolascreen, emphasizing the inherent quality control of our products made in the USA. We heard from numerous clients about customer service problems with overseas products. One client was actually told to fix a castor on their own with super-glue.

We treat all customers with courtesy and respect. USA companies know that the customer comes first, second and third. That’s why over 35% of our sales are from Healthcare facilities purchasing multiple times.

As distributors, we offer top notch customer service and warranties for the products we make and sell.

LAC - USC Medical center uses Rolascreen
Transparent Rolascreen for medical and government usage.

Our Commitment: Superior Products and Unparalleled Customer Service

Rolascreen now offers the best options for privacy screens, room dividers, guards, and security partitions.

We create better spaces and personally inspect our privacy screens and ensure they are the highest quality and made only from approved materials. We work with clients one-on-one to create unique customizations and incorporate brands. Because we manufacture and sell from within the USA, we are able to provide a level of customer service and support unmatched by foreign and imported screen manufacturers.

These American made privacy screens are suited perfectly for the healthcare market, but also meet the needs of many other applications including education, emergency response, immersive simulation, hospitality, and local, state, and federal governments.

Managing your business space is important and often required due to privacy and security regulations today. All of our portable screens, wall-mounted privacy screens, and guards can be customized and branded to meet your business and marketing needs.

Since we started producing these screens, we have not had any screens damaged in shipping in well over 2,000 delivered. That’s because we designed materials that would protect our product once shipped.

As one major Facilities manager put it. “We receive our hospital goods and products from all over the world, we have never seen a company that has taken the time to design packaging that protects so well.”