Frequent Asked Questions

Specifications and Functionality

Screens come in standard heights of 6 feet 3 inches or 5 feet 3 inches. We can, however, provide custom screen heights. Contact us for special screen height requests.

Screens open to 123″, or 10 feet 3 inches wide. We can also customize our screens for shorter widths and will adjust images to suit any size.

The inner screen panels are made from non-porous polyester film.

  • The film is easy to clean in line with infection control parameters because it is not made of fabric. not made of fabric and as a result, is very easy to clean in line with infection control parameters.
  • The film used in our inner screen panels is thermally stabilized and permitted for use in healthcare. This is the same kind of polyester film used to manufacture blood glucose test-strips!
  • The inner screen panels have moisture barrier properties and are designed to withstand rigorous cleaning regimens.

Portable privacy screen models weigh more than wall-mounted models, that is because the portable model has a rear wheelbase that adds stability to the screen. The wall-mounted models do not need this wheelbase and weigh less as a result. 

The weights of our various Rolascreen models are as follows:

  • Portable 6′ 3″ Tall: 65 lbs
  • Wall Mounted 6′ 3″ Tall: 46 lbs
  • Portable 5′ 3″ Tall: 61 lbs
  • Wall Mounted 5′ 3″ Tall: 42 lbs

The frames and wheelbases for privacy screens are available with antimicrobial options. Antimicrobial wheels are available as well.

When requested, we can supply our Rolascreens with the ability to bend at any point along their width and retain their bend without sagging or snapping back. We have designed and developed an alternate method of producing the structural elements of our Rolascreens that specifically allow customers to create L Shapes with one screen.

Artwork and Branding

There is no additional cost for using art from our Art Library. The cost of the artwork is included in our quoted price for printed screens.

Yes, anything may be printed on the inner screen panels. We will work with you or your marketing department to ensure you get exactly what you want.

As long as your image files are the right resolution we can print your artwork or images on the inner screen panels. We typically require images with at least 300 dpi, but the higher the resolution the better. We can use various image formats such as png, tiff, eps, psd, and jpg formats. Lossless formats such as tiff and png are preferred over jpg.

As long as you do not need our graphics department to manipulate the artwork or image, there is no additional cost.

Yes. The same image can be printed on both sides of the screen, or we can use a separate image on each side.

Yes, the inner screen panels can be printed with any pantone color or CMYK color.

Cleaning and Infection Control

Rolascreen’s can be cleaned using most cleaning solutions found in healthcare.

  • These include solutions of bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds, sporicidal disinfectants, and virucidal disinfectants.
  • Solutions of bleach hypochlorites can be used on the inner panels’ screen material.
  • Hypochlorite solutions can be used at 1,000 to 10,000 ppm.
  • When working with stubborn stains various cleaning agents may be used at room temperature.
  • These cleaning agents are isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, methyl butyl alcohol, and naptha VM&P.
  • Extra care needs to be taken when cleaning printed inner panels with alcohol-based agents.
  • The most popular cleaning agents used on our screens are Clorox, Virox, CaviWipes, and CaviCide.