Private Safe Spaces

Having supplied hundreds of Hospitals with our Privacy screens, we found that many Mother and Baby units, including NICU needed space for Lactation.

Mothers whether in Private rooms or in more Public areas needed Privacy, but also a place that is peaceful and that’s why the use of images on the screen panels are so important.

The Federal Break Time for Nursing Mothers law (2018) requires all employers covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to provide basic accommodations for breastfeeding mothers at work.

These accommodations include time for women to express milk and a private space that is not a bathroom each time they need to pump or breastfeed. Company’s outside Healthcare need to provide Privacy for Breastfeeding mothers. Our portable lactation privacy screens have the ability to bend to create an L shape, this makes it perfect for this need, Rolascreen lactation room dividers can be instantly moved to areas of need, meaning there is no point in having a wall-mounted privacy screen for lactation, which would limit your options in providing lactation accommodation.

Companies can now move the screen from office to office allowing each Nursing mother to express or to Breast-feed as and when needed. This year we supplied a number of screens to top legal multi-practice offices in the USA. They needed our product so that they were legally compliant.