American Made Screen for Privacy and Security

Rolascreens are used across the nation by local, state, and federal governments. The Buy America Act requires the United States government to prefer US-made products in its purchases.

Rolascreen is the only Company making this type of retractable screen, that can proudly say Made in America. Consequently, we are supplying to scores of VA Hospitals, The US military, US Army Medical Research Institute, National Institute of Health and a number of other Government institutions.

We are also supplying to State governments and State Institutions. Coroner’s offices are using the screens as back-drops for Forensic photography and for Privacy.

We have made some specialized screens for Secure facilities to ensure that designs cannot be seen by unwanted eyes. We also designed and installed an 8’5” screen in a VA facility that was trying to shield patients from the lights and noises created by Cleaning robots.

During COVID we supplied well over 200 screens to VA and Military facilities to aid in protecting facilities from Infection spread.

Many Government facilities are using our screens to provide instant vaccination and phlebotomy spaces.